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60 ml Squirtz® - Nail varnish Remover Gel
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Squirtz nail varnish remover gel
Squirtz nail varnish remover gel

Every now and then, a streak of brilliance shines through from the ordinary!
Nail Doctors Squirtz® is just such a streak of brilliance!.

Slow evaporating, fast working = Easy to use!

Throw away your old stinky, messy, nail varnish liquid & step into the 21 st century

Squirtz ® is the new era in Nail Varnish Removal.

At last a product that goes on easy, works fast and simply and gets the job done in a 1st class manner

Provides effortless use
Simply squirt on and wipe off
No heavy obnoxious odor
Does not dry out nails
Gentle on surrounding skin
Fortified with Cucumber Oil and Aloe Vera extract to pamper and soften cuticles.
Squirtz® is not just a Nail varnish Remover, but also a nail conditioner all in one!
Squirtz® will not dry out your nails and will leave a pleasant lubricated feel after use
Is your liquid nail varnish remover drying out your nails and stripping them of natural oils?
A Do you get Asphyxiated with noxious fumes every time you remove your nail varnish?
B Are your current nail varnish remover liquids drying out your Cuticles, making them hard and causing them to peel?
C Does your nail varnish removal routine consist of racing against the clock to get the liquid to work before it evaporates away?
D Do your nails become white and feel dry and stripped of natural oils after using your regular nail varnish remover liquid?

We bet you never looked forward to the arduous task of removing your nail varnish before!
Now with new Squirtz ® you will look forward to the simple, quick & easy task of removing your nail varnish!

Action of Squirtz®
A nail varnish remover

  Squirtz® application
Apply to the surface of each nail by squirting the required amount onto each nail to cover the nail varnish. Wait 10 seconds and effortlesly wipe off the residue with tissue paper. Squirtz will leave the nail feeling moisturized with a subtly luxurious afterfeel

  Ingredient listing
Active Ingredients: Allantoin - Aloe Vera Oil - Cucumber extract - Comfrey Extract - Horsetail extract.
Solvent Materials: - Methyl iso butyl ketone - Methyl Ethyl Keytone, Ethyl acetate - Butyl acetate

~ Never again, let someone tell your age by your hands - Ever! ~

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